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How to handle switching btw 2 identical filter wheels?

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I tend to use 2 different ASI filter wheels, one with 7 positions (for RGB and NB filters) and one mini, with 5 pos (for photometric filters). However, both are identified as ASI EFW.

Now, I have saved the configuration in the Indi window. And then when I switch filter wheel, it does not adapt to the correct number of filters. So right now, I have the mini with 5 filters - but in Ekos, I have 7 filters.. THat is less of a problem. But previously, when Ekos told med I had 5 and then I switched to the 7-pos filter, it did not update in Ekos so I could not use filters 6 and 7.

How do I handle this? I'd prefer to have 2 different equipment profiles for them.


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+1, I was hit by that, too: I have two connected at the same time, and numbering may change depending on where they are plugged in :o which messes up filter names and filter offsets....

Same will happen with EAFs
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