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myFocuserPro or myFocuserPro2 and INDI

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Imanaged to compile the sketch onto an Esp32 MCU and tested it under windows using the WiFi mode. It's working as expected.

Under indi, it doesn't appear to connect to Myfocuserpro2 driver using serial. I have checked and ensured I am in the tty group and tried various name to the sketch uploaded onto the Esp32.

Does anybody know if the driver is compatible with the esp32 via serial, or would modification to the driver be required for the esp32?
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That code is not designed to run on the esp32. Running serial on an esp32 chip does not really make sense in terms of driving a focuser.

You do understand that the myFocuserPro2 has already been updated to the next generation using an ESP8266 or ESP32 chip, giving all the features of Bluetooth (ESP32), WiFi, ASCOM REMOTE and a host of other features, options.


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Hi Robert,

Many thanks for making this project and others open source.

Yes I've been using the files under the link you posted. And using the firmware for the esp8266/esp32.

I think the driver in Indi (myFocuserPro2) has not been designed/modified to reflect the changes you have made from the original 'myfocuserpro2' to 'myFP2ESP'.

Btw, can you show me where I can access this version of your linux application....


myFocuserPro2Linux doesn't have the Wifi port box that myFocuserPro2Elinux appears to have in that .png

Once again, Many thanks.
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myFP2ESP WiFi was not designed to work as a serial usb controller (though that is possible).
The firmware for it was designed from scratch, and now has been ported over to myFocuserPro2
myFP2ESP controllers use the same protocol commands and responses as a myFocuserPro2
So if a myFP2ESP controller is running in LOCALSERIAL mode it will talk happily over USB with the myFocuserPro2 Windows app, myFocuserPro2 ASCOM driver andpresumably the INDI driver (as I do not have a LINUX system running INDI that I cannot verify but it should).

myFocuserPro2Linux is just a Linux version of the myFocuserPro2 Windows app designed to work over a serial port connection. It does not use TCPIP

myFP2ESP Windows app uses a TCPIP connection and can talk to myFP2ESP controller via TCPIP.
It is found at (Name will change soon to myFP2ESPLinux)

Actually, taking the existing INDI driver for myFocuserPro2, it should be able to be modified (clone and then rename to myFocuserPro2ESP?) to use TCPIP instead of serial to communicate with the myFP2ESP controller - most of the INDI code is already done, just change the serial code to use TCPIP instead. Happy to provide source code examples of Linkux TCPIP socket code talking to an myFP2ESP controller to anyone interested in coding a driver,

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If someone wanted to donate a working device I would be happy to have ago at porting the existing driver.
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If the command set is the same for the TCP connection, then it might be easy by changing
setSupportedConnections(CONNECTION_SERIAL) to setSupportedConnections(CONNECTION_SERIAL | CONNECTION_TCP)
That should make it possible to choose in control panel between serial / tcp connection.

And probably a few changes to the sendcommand. (If the driver has been implemented from the skeleton)
Should be easy to emulate by just opening a listener on on the tcp port tho see how the driver sends the command. )


some update: changed that setSupportedConnections(CONNECTION_SERIAL | CONNECTION_TCP) and recompiled

then on linux used nc to do some tcp traffic on port 1026

nc -l -v 1026

from kstars configured myfocuser2 to ip adress and port 1026

Could see the the driver sending the first command (#03) but then got stuck in sending the answer.

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myFocuserPro2Linux only uses serial as it talks to a serial based focuser. One would not use it to talk to a focuser using TCP/IP.

myFocuserPro2ELinux only uses TCPIP. (E for ESP chips or WiFi). It is now renamed as myFP2ESP-Linux and is posted at sourceforge.
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Command set is identical [though there are a few EXTRA commands for ESP info, which one could easily ignore]

By default the esp code uses port 2020 and the ip address will vary depending on the controller mode and if dynamic ip allocation is being used.

You cant do this with a myFocuserPro2 controller - because that only supports serial.

A myFP2ESP controller [different hardware and firmware] supports tcpip/serial/bluetooth/web-server/ascom-remote

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Email me: Am happy to donate a board with components, but postage is another thing. If you were willing to contribute with postage then it is possible.
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Hi All,

Thanks to Robert and everyone involved with Myfocuserpro and myfocuserpro2.I can confirm the original driver (when modified for WiFi) works for the ESP32.

I followed his suggestion to change from SERIAL to TCP, and changing Firmware version in my clone of the myfocuserpro2 indi driver.

I would have gotten there much sooner but I kept installing the driver's XML file in the wrong place.

My breadboard setup works as expected. I learned so much about drivers and have an appreciation of the effort that goes into all the open source software we have.
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Hi all, I have been reading the posts and I have to say excellent work.

I'm building a focuser based on the ESP32 board using the myFP2ESP code (thanks roberto). I want to eliminate another USD cable from my rig.

Just looking at MyFocuserPro2 in the indi control panel (I'm running the latest KStars v3.3.8 ) there is only a serial connection option.

I am wonder if (and if not, when) the TCP method has been pushed for use yet?

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I made a windows controller emulator for the esp controller. If you run this on the windows pc it will start an emulator (and tell you the ip address) - you then can connect to it and it behaves just like a esp controller. I use it all the time for testing, running inside its own VM
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