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Arduino focuser and setting

2 days 9 hours ago
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Arduino focuser and setting #43264
I am coding my focuser based on Arduino/Motoshield board with the Moonlight protocol. I would test the communication between Ekos and the Arduino. For this I have generated /dev/arduinofocuser by udev linux command. From the INDI Control panel have set the Focuser="Moonligh" and the CCD simulator. At the first connection I had the problem that the port was /dev/ttyUSB0. So I clicked on the Connection panel tab and set these values /dev/arduinofocuser, Serial and speed 9600. I tried to connect again the focuser but I have the message:

"Error retreiving data from Moonlight, please ensure Moonligth controller is powered and the port is correct". Two questions:

Is the focusr configuration in EKOS right or I have missed something?
Does the Moonlight protocol expect an initialisation message at the first connection with the focuser or the choice Moonlight is wrong and for this reason I have to create my device?
Thank you

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1 day 2 hours ago
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Arduino focuser and setting #43327
Sergio, Have you fitted a capacitor to the Arduino on the reset pin to prevent the reboot at startup , I had issues with Arduino on Indi projects & the fitting of the capacitor has always sorted it . Using an Arduino Mini can also help as it appears as a mouse or keyboard to the computer or Raspberry Pi & gets around this issue.

Regards Alan

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