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M81/M82: First light of Lacerta DeepSkyPro 2600c (IMX571) with Raspi 4B

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I wanted to share the result of the first "real" session with my new DeepSkyPro 2600c camera.

Image details:
  • 101 x 3 min RGB frames (no filter), LCG, Gain 100, Offset 160, -10 °C
  • 38 x 5 min Halpha (Optolong L-eXtreme 2"), HCG, Gain 100, Offset 160, -10 °C
  • TS APO130F7+reducer (730 mm)
  • EQ6-R, PHD2 guiding with 70/405 mm scope and ASI183MM
  • Frames taken with Astroberry/Raspi 4, processed with PixInsight and Lightroom

The cam (at least my version) has a lot of hot and warm pixels, but this can be corrected with darks or hotpixel detection (PI's cosmetic correction). I used the latter and no darks, only bias and flats. The cam's thermal noise is so low that even after 5 min exposure, the noise floor is only 4-5 ADU higher than the bias. And there is absolutely no amp glow which would make darks mandatory.

With the 26 MP images, Astroberry (32 bit) was tending to crash now and then, so I had to disable automatic debayering during the session and didn't unnecessarily disturb the system (e.g. no zooming into frames to inspect them).

Meanwhile, I set up the Raspi with Pi OS 64 bit (see here ), and first tests indicate that the Pi and KStars/Ekos/Indi 64 bit is more stable now together with the IMX571 sensor cam.

CS, Bernd
254/1450 mm Newton, 130/730 mm APO, 70/336 mm APO, EQ6-R, ZWO EAF focusers, DeepSkyPro 2600c, ASI183MM, Intel NUC 8i5, Ubuntu 22.04
9 months 1 week ago #82415

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