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M 101 with the 80 mm Esprit and ASI1600MM

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A few months ago I bought an SkyWatcher 80 mm Esprit refractor and recently an ASI1600MM Pro with filter wheel and Astronomik L, R, G, B and Ha filters. Here's the setup in my backyard this morning:

The little flat box behind the right hind leg of the tripod is the MinisForum N34 mini-pc that I bought last year. It runs Ubuntu Mate 18.04 and the latest stable Kstars. The grey wire is a 10 meter network cable running to my living room.

Last night I put this all to the test and shot 16 x 450s H-Alpha (while the Moon was still up), 10 x 150s R, G and B and finally 90 x 50s L of M 101. By the time the L shots were done M 101 already was quite low in the sky so I decided to use the first 70 subs only. I created master flats and stacked the lights and created the LRGBHa image with AstroPixelProcessor and then post-processed that in PixInsight. The background still is a bit light and I need to shoot more subs. I will do that (hopefully) after the next Full Moon.

Clear skies, Wouter
Wouter van Reeven

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VERY nice image, great work!!
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Beautiful setup and image, well done!

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