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Finally First Light

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Finally First Light was created by S

After working on my observatory for several years, I finally got first light yesterday and tried kstars/ekos for real for the first time. Notthing worked 100%, but it is now in a state where I can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel (tube) :P

On the to-do list:
1. Get plate solving and goto to work properly, as you can see it is not spon on! Seems it is recommended to use an off-line solver rather than online?
2. Use another guide camera. The ASI 120 MM gives messed up frames from time to time, which wrecks the guiding.
3. Make a gutter for the part of the roof that is inside the observatory when open. Of course it was dripping with water ONLY at the spot where all the electronics are. Fortunately they are inside a cabinet, but still....
4. Get autofocus to work properly. Could not get it to do anything. The image is focused "manually" using the "in" and "out" buttons in ekos.
5. Set mount limits, as it hit the pier once and plate solving got confused...

Thanks to all for this great software, I look forward to using it for many years to come :cheer:
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Replied by David Tate on topic Finally First Light

1. I've been using Off-line for the past few sessions since it's returning at about 15 seconds vs 70+ for on-line. But make sure you start off with 0' x 0' for FOV unless of course nothing has changed since it was solved.
I still give it a sanity check, since I remember months ago it was not working well.
2. I use a ZWO ASI120MC-S for my guide camera and a Solomark 50/190 scope. I have pretty good luck with it using 2x2 binning, autostar, subframe selected. (I know autostar select is not recommended, but it works)
3. Oh man, that would be my luck! And cool you have an observatory... I just have a pier.
4. I need to do some more test with logging on for autofocusing. I've been using a Bahtinov mask and the in/out focusing buttons. I have issues when the autofocuser make a donut from a star.
5. I'd be interested in how to find my rigs mount limits. But the autopark feature has been my favorite rig saver.
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