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NGC 281 - Pacman Nebula

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This data took me a bit over 3 weeks to accumulate. It is a total of about 33 hours.

147 x 300" Ha
100 x 300" SII
140 x 300" OIII

Equipment is in my signature.

I honestly expected much more out of this data. I am actually quite upset. It is definitely lacking somewhere. I do not know where it is lacking. I cannot pin point it, but I am not totally happy with it. I have been playing around in PI but still struggle with the data.

Ultimately I am going to keep this data. It will be great to add onto. There is SO much faint nebulosity around this object and I would love to have hours more integration to bring it all out. Eventually I will get better at PI and editing as well. Enjoy!

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Replied by Jim on topic NGC 281 - Pacman Nebula

It's really not that bad. The stars are nice and round, the background is under control. How are your skies while capturing?

One suggestion, if PI is giving you a headache, give AstroPixelProcessor a try. He's been working pretty hard to make just using all the default settings work well. There is a free trial.

12" pier with HDX110 using EQMod
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ASI filter wheel
Moonlite focusers for the sharpening
AT115EDT w/.8x for the light
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