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communication of status in indi roof drivers??

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Hi Guys,

I have a question about the status communication within the indi_script_dome driver. There are a few python schripts available. Thos getappvalley.com/ e are doing basically nothing in regard to move the roof but obviously the communicating a current status of the roof like  "park.py":  tweakbox.mobi/

 > cat park.py  
# Park script for INDI Dome Scripting Gateway
# Arguments: none
# Exit code: 0 for success, 1 for failure

import sys

coordinates = open('/tmp/indi-status', 'w')
coordinates.write('1 0 0')


But I don't understand the meaning of the functions i.e. coordinates(). Can someone give a hint please?

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these template scripts are executed outside of Ekos, so any return value like the parking status (roof open or roof close) must be send to Ekos in some way.
In park.py, if parking is successful, the file 'indi-status' stores the value '1 0 0' ( '0 0 0' if roof open) then Ekos reads this value and so is aware of the parking status.
That's the meaning of the coordinates function.
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