INDI Library v2.0.1 Released (06 Apr 2023)

Bi-monthly release with major changes to INDI properties and client API in addition to new drivers and improvements. An important feature for this release is the full support for XISF file format which is used by PixInsight. INDI cameras can now natively capture in XISF format.

Platesolve scale setting not saved?

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Since I suffer from the QHY error with incorrect frame dimensions, I have to set the pixel scale manually and turn off "auto update" to make platesolving work. However, the values I type in as the pixels scale are not saved it seems, and whenever I start up again the values are back to some strange values. How can I set the pixel scale values permanently, so I don't have to set them every time I start a session? (since I often forget, wait 5 minutes for the plate solve to not finish and then remember to set the values :-)).

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