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How to copy horizon from one device to another?

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Is there a way to copy the horizon info from one device to another? I have my horizon all mapped out on the RPI running kstars 3.6.0 and wish to copy that to my laptop running 3.6.1 on Linux Mint Vanessa.

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Hi Astromuni

With a bit of work it can be done easy!

Look for "DB Browser for SQLite" ( sqlitebrowser.org/ ) and - on the RPI - open the database '/home/<username>/.local/share/kstars/userdb.sqlite". It's a bit cumbersome with the hidden directory ".local", but just be sure to list the hidden files in the file browser. Go to "Browse Data" and look for table "Horizons". Depending of your regions they should be listed by name in this table. Go back to "Database Structure" and right-click on "Horizons" and all the regions to export each table to an corresponding named CSV-file one by one.

To import the data create (if necessary) the aforementioned tables on the laptop. Watch out that they have an identical structure as the original ones and that they are empty. Now go to "Browse Data", open the tables and import the corresponding CSV-files one by one. Keep an eye on possible records with headings in the regions tables: All records shall be filled only with numbers (Azimuth and Altitude). With "Write changes" the new data is saved to the database.

Like always it is recommended to work on a copy of the database! So backup "userdb.sqlite" first.

That's it and all the best!
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