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KSTARS setting to wrong time after GPSD update

2 years 8 months ago
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KSTARS setting to wrong time after GPSD update #20532
Well after a Sunday afternoon of research and testing, I found a way to set the system time on my OFFLINE RPI3 with GPSD at boot using CHRONY. It's reliable and sets the system time within a minute and a half of the OS loading. After launching KSTARS and going to EKOS and connecting to my equipment, I go to the GPSD tab to SYNC the device (i.e. my AP driver) to the current location and time by clicking "Update". On the EKOS side of things the UTC time and GPS location is correct, my AP mount sets to the proper time and the UTC offset is set to -5 which is correct for my area as we are still in DST for one more week. Here's the problem: KSTARS goes from the time set by the system and in EKOS set by the GPS, to one hour ahead! The geographic information in KSTARS is set to my city, the UTC offset is -6, and the DST rules are set for US. KSTARS is changing the time as though I am not observing DST, regardless of the geographic settings. I have a screenshot below of what I'm seeeing. Is this a bug?


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2 years 8 months ago
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KSTARS setting to wrong time after GPSD update #20537
Oh it seems we both arrived to the same conclusion! I removed NTP and replaced it with Chrony and also got reliable results! For someone new to Linux, you have great skills for this I must say! The KStars problem I believe are fixed in the current GIT version, we will release a KStars version hopefully later today or tomorrow, just we have last-minute fixes for MacOS. Thank you for your great work and patience.

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