INDI Library v1.9.7 Released (29 Jul 2022)

Bi-monthly INDI Library released with new drivers and bug fixes.

INDI Library v0.9.6 is released

INDI Development team is happy to announce the release of INDI Library v0.9.6. Following is the highlights of this release:
  • Support for Starlight Xpress Adaptive Optics unit.
  • Improved support for Starlight Xpress CCDs and Filter wheels.
  • Support for Arduino boards, with customizable drivers for common observatory auxiliary devices.
  • Support for GPUSB Guide Port Interface.
  • Improved support for QSI CCDs and Filter wheels.
  • Support for focusers with absolute positioning.
  • Support for cameras with guiding chip.
  • Fixed INDI server FIFO CPU utilization bug.
  • Fixed various bugs with v4l drivers due to code regression.
  • Improved support for Mac OS X.
  • Improved simulators.
  • _REQUEST properties are now deprecated.
  • Updated tutorials and API.
This particular libindi release was "battle-tested", as it has been used along with Ekos for the past few months to perform astrophotography. We would also like to thank to all of those who contributed to this libindi release, either by submitting patches, drivers, bug reports, testing, feedback..etc.
Jasem Mutlaq
Support INDI & Ekos; Get StellarMate Astrophotography Gadget.
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