INDI Library v2.0.0 Released (01 Feb 2023)

Bi-monthly release with major changes to INDI properties and client API in addition to new drivers and improvements.

New Driver: Pegasus UPB

In INDI GIT and nightly soon, you'll see a new INDI driver for Pegasus UPB. It's in beta still, so any feedback is appreciated especially on the focuser.

Write down any comments on this driver. You'll find in the AUX part of your equipment profile if you're using Ekos.
Jasem Mutlaq
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Replied by pask on topic New Driver: Pegasus UPB

Hello Jasem, all indilib contributors & users !

I am just seeing this post and another older discussion on that UPB driver, and I have a little question :
The driver looks very fine and I have some friends using it.
The previous product of this company was "Intelli Power Box" which has almost same features and a very similar software is existing (for Windows and Android, but not on linux)
I am unfortunately the owner of one of this "older" box (which work very fine). The main difference is a connection thourgh BlueTooth rather than USB.
I sucessfully connect the device in bluetooth and get it as a "virtual" serial port (rfcomm1 for example).

Seems the UPB driver (ultimate Power Box) crashes when i try to connect it (i would suppose due to the fact it is awaiting a USB connexion and not a serial ?)
Do you know it would be easily possible to use that driver in a different way to connect to the serial port of that box ?

I am sure many users of IPB would be interested to make it work as the UPB.. and if i can help in some ways i would be happy

Best regards,
2 years 1 week ago #66470

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