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August 2020 release of INDI Library v1.8.6 introduces new drivers while providing fixes and improvements to existing devices and core framework.

Helpful Info when Having Astrometry (local Platesolving) problems

1 year 11 hours ago
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Helpful Info when Having Astrometry (local Platesolving) problems #44079
Here I was doing the normal Platesolving when things started to go a bit wrong and Platesolving (any type - ASTAP,Astrometry local etc) starting failing - some weird errors and even core dumps from segmentation failures.

Anyway after pulling all of the little hair left out I found the problem - on 1 Index Platesolving gave some saying "Invalid Star ID" - trouble is unless you scroll through the whole log you wouldn't necessarily see it as you get the segmentation fault or iotclt fault info. It appears the index had become corrupted ( I did have a lock up once - but reading ! ) so replacing that single index cured the problem.

Still perplexed / worried why reading should corrupt files on a newish SSD .

So if you have a weird set of errors (think I had error 139 and error 256) and /or segmentation fault / core dumps when running platesolving - check the log closely for any "Invalid ID" it might help :-)

Perhaps this might help others !

RPI3 Ubuntu 16.04 / AMD desktop Kstars under Ubuntu 16.04 Mounts :azeq6 ,SWAZGoTo

RPI3 Fedora testing out on AMD desktop Fedpra 28 - running kstars 2.9.4 , Indilib 1.7.4 ?????

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