INDI Library v1.9.0 Released (23 Apr 2021)

Major INDI Library release v1.9.0 bring significant internal changes championed by @pawel-soja to modernize core INDI Library drivers and clients. New drivers for DeepSkyDad Flat Panel & Pegasus devices plus further improvements to PCM8 drivers.

Driver Aliases - How do they work?

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I'm currently running INDI server on a RPi (via astroberry) and using a Windows kstars client. I have multiple DIY moonlite focusers attached to the RPi and am trying to work out how to use them both at the same time.

I have added two custom Moonlite driver aliases on the Windows kstars client, and after enabling the INDI Web Manager in the client profile, noticed that the server Web Manager is displaying those aliases.

However, when connecting the client to the server, only a single device appears (named Moonlite - not either of the aliases). This is somewhat expected as I have not told the server which device is which (annoyingly they are cheap arduinos with duplicated serials but thats a different topic).

How do I set up the driver aliases on the server correctly so I can operate both devices at once?

Thanks, and thanks for a great project
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