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Status of SkyWatcher Star Adventurer support

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this is my first post here, thank you for the indi project, the tools are a pleasure to use!

But now for my question:

I have upgraded my Astroberry to latest software with apt-get dist-upgrade and I have also upgraded my kernel to latest/greatest with rpi-update.

This now gives me two new things:
an alias for the Star Adventurer in Ekos and because of the kernel update I am able to communicate with the USB-to-Serial converter on the Star Adventurer.

I set communication to the Star Adventurer to 115200 bps, this setting works fine for me to connect to the Star Adventurer with the screen command:
screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200
I can then manuall enter
and get back the firmware version of my Star Adventurer (=030B0A)
so communication over serial works.

However, when I try to connect via Ekos I get an error and this log:

astroberry@astroberry:~/.indi/logs/2021-08-01/indi_skywatcherAltAzMount $ cat *
INFO    77.542968 sec    : Session log file /home/astroberry/.indi/logs/2021-08-01/indi_skywatcherAltAzMount/indi_skywatcherAltAzMount_13:29:47.log
DEBUG    90.162609 sec    : Configuration successfully saved.
DEBUG    94.399163 sec    : Connecting to /dev/serial/by-id/usb-Prolific_Technology_Inc._USB-Serial_Controller_DZBCb19B616-if00-port0 @ 115200
DEBUG    94.403656 sec    : Port FD 4
DEBUG    94.403884 sec    : Connection successful, attempting handshake...
DEBUG    96.411632 sec    : Handshake failed.

I could find very little comments in this forum on using Star Adventurer, what is the status of the driver, anything I can help with?

I have already grabbed most of the communication of the app with the device via WiFi, as most of the protocol seems to be documented I am not sure if those captures are of any use or if the AltAzMount already has everything necessary implemented....

Thank you,


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Isn't this an equatorial mount? Perhaps use EQMod driver with it?
Jasem Mutlaq
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The StarAdventurer doesn't support goto so Ekos cannot command it. You need to use the telescope simulator and perform all movements manually. Guiding can be achieved via the ST4 port.
Wouter van Reeven

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I've sucessfully used EQMOD with a Star Adventurer Mini, the commandset is identical to the bigger EQ mounts but it just ignores/doesn't have a lot of the commands so things like goto don't work. You can turn tracking on/off, send guide pulses and rotate the RA axis with it if you really want to. The maximum rotation speed of the RA axis is so slow, however, that it was easier to rotate it manually for PA and I literally only used that driver as a method to turn on and off tracking without having to use the app and EKOS to control the camera/provide PA routines.

90% of the time we use the SAM with a widefield lens so it's easier to use the polar scope and it's own app to control it b I realise the older Star Adventurers don't have the app.

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It is mostly the guiding pulses I am interested in, when it is possible to send them via the mount and not via ST4 then I could use a simple camera that I have here for guiding instead of building an USB-based Arduino ST4 interface.

I will try if eqmod also works for me and will report back here.

The only thing I do not understand is that when eqmod actually works a little better why Star adventurer was aliased to the Alt-Az Driver. But perhaps that has to do with the possibility to use WiFi to connect and not Serial via USB.

Many thanks for the answers so far!!!!!

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