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Slew to target never completes

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Recently I have had a problem when changing targets in a sequence, the mount (RST-135) moves to the new target but it doesn’t progress to the next step (focus),  The ekos tab shows it as slewing even though it is there.  The log reflects the slew command with no entries until twilight at which point it tries to shutdown - warm camera and park,  it doesn’t actually park at the correct position (polar), it continues to track the target although kstars/ekos shows it as parked.  it has to be unparked and then parked again to get it to the correct parking spot.
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If this is similar to the Vixen Skysensor issue, you might have a tolerance setting in the mount driver configuration panel. The skysensor one needs to be bumped up quite a bit or else the software never detects the end of the movement.

Try to look up that config, if present, and up it a bit.
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