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Vixen Starbook driver

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"I'm now trying to connect starbook directly to my laptop using the same network than I m using Internet with 192.168.x.x adress, it doesn't work as starbook always get or"

Perhaps the simplest thing to do is to add a route to the internal router of your laptop, altough "169.xxx.xxx.xxx " addresses are not reserved for private networks, in general.
If you do use an integrated ADSL/Fibre modem/Hub at your home you could :
0) Browse to it (generally,
1) login with user/password (generally labeled behind the modem)
2) add another local IP address/subnet to it (for example:
3) connect Starbook direcly to the modem or via an hub
4) try to ping it from your laptop (that usually uses already your modem as router)
In case, try with "traceroute" to see where communication breaks

Not sure, but it can worth a try,,,
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Made tests, it's even simpler: connect the mount :
1) Directly to a PC with a crossed ethernet wire (but PC HAST TO run a DHCP server, you can find it free)
2) Directly to your internet modem/router/hub (e.g with an Ethernet cable), while your PC can connect via WiFi or Ethernet Cable

At start Stabook gets a correct internet private addres (tipically, or similar), so it connecfs perfectly with the PC. I also tested the renewed ASCOM driver for starbook, you can find it reading this article, full of good ideas.
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