INDI Library v1.8.7 Released (21 Nov 2020)

Nov. 2020 Release brings significant improvements to streaming and recording videos. Support for new drivers including Estatto focuser and Pegasus falcon rotator.

New Synscan Driver - Feedback Required

3 months 3 weeks ago
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New Synscan Driver - Feedback Required #57952

SteveBz wrote: - Sync almost never works, and this is my main problem. It almost never works with Ekos, it never works with PyIndi-Client.

Sync only works if you're already relatively close, like within a few degrees. The handset won't let you sync if it's too far away from where it currently thinks it is.

I ran into that problem when I was doing some work on the old Synscan (now Synscan legacy) driver.

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