INDI Library v1.8.4 Released

Minor bugfix release with some highlights:

Driver for Skywatcher Mount Acuter AZ Merlin

1 year 2 weeks ago
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Driver for Skywatcher Mount Acuter AZ Merlin #36218
Hi ,
as a travel-scope mount, i have the Sky-watcher Mount Acuter AZ Merlin ( the version with the controller as in attached picture ).
I often take my small Maksutov on business trips for in the evenings.
Using it standalone is ok, but not that accurate and only sidereal tracking rate. This is not so practical for sun ( I have a small Lunt telescope as well :-) ) and for moon observations.
Since all my computers run on Ubuntu Mate 18.04 , i installed Indi, whitch works perfectly for the EQ6 at home.
My Question: is there also a driver for the Sky-watcher Merlin?
I connected the little mount with a Ursa Minor Bluetooth interface, and that works fine with the Papywizard software, but that si only for terrestrial use , not for astronomical unfortunately

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1 year 2 weeks ago
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Driver for Skywatcher Mount Acuter AZ Merlin #36240

Many years ago I bought the same mount and did some experimenting with it, then connected the SynScan V3 model AZ to it and was able to use it.

At that time SW had two different versions of the SynScan, one that came with ALT/AZ mounts and was a bit more expensive for some reason ? but actually they where the same but with different labels, firmware and connectors between the mount and handcontroller.

If you have some experience with electronics then it's easy to make a cable to the handcontroller, just make sure that you get the wires corret because the mount feeds the handcontroller with 5Volts and also uses only one wire for RX/TX to the mount.

In case you can get a cable or can make one then you can use Ekos and the "indi_skywatcherAltAzMount" driver to control the mount.

Sorry that I don't have any schematics from that project anymore :(


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