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Problem time sync ...

7 months 3 days ago
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Problem time sync ... #37503
I have a little problem with Ekos. My setup is a SW EQ6-R mount with a Raspi under Fedora 29 (USB-SERIAL with persistent name) and a laptop under Fedora 29 too. The Raspi has no RTC and no Internet cnx. All softwares are from github compiled by myself, so I can go back in the git history if any problem happens with a new version; besides, there are no RPMs from Lupinix available for the Pi under Fedora.

Now, here's my problem :
If I choose "Ekos updates all", the clock on the Raspi is set to UTC. I'm UTC + 1 + Daylight savings = UTC + 2. My localtime on the Pi is correctly set ( localtime -> ../usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Paris) Once the time is set to UTC on the Raspi, my target starts to drift , and it leaves my FOV in a few minutes.
The problem is easy to fix, I just don't let Ekos set the time of the PI and make chronyd on the Pi sync with the laptop. Still, I'd like to understand as I suspect I'm missing something.
Any idea ?


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