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Celestron CGE Pro - Ekos/Indi Won't Track

6 days 16 hours ago
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Celestron CGE Pro - Ekos/Indi Won't Track #44353
I'm relatively new to Indi and EKOS and I'm having an odd problem. When I align my CGE Pro mount and then start Indi through EKOS, the mount connects, but I get an error stating "ERROR: Failure reading RA/DEC coordinates. Expected 18 characters, received 1. " If I power up and don't align the mount, I get the expected warning that the mount isn't aligned and that I need to align it first, then restart Indi.

I've tried every type of alignment, from a simple solar system align, to a 1-star align, to a StarSense alignment. The telescope tracks fine without Indi engaged after these alignments are complete, but the second I start Indi and the above error is reported, it stops tracking.

Equipment: CGE Pro Mount (latest firmware)
Hand Controller: StarSense (latest firmware)
Indi: Runs on Stellarmate - all other devices - cameras, focusers, etc connect and operate fine.

I do have an older NexStar+ HC that I can try, but haven't given that a shot yet. I wanted to see if I'm doing something wrong first.

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6 days 12 hours ago
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Celestron CGE Pro - Ekos/Indi Won't Track #44362
Nothing obvious wrong.
One thing that's essential is a log file showing the communication with the mount. Set the driver logging to verbose and to file, save the properties and restart. This should get the communication information to the log.
Also Exactly what HC version are you using? Read from the HC.
Certainly try the NS+ HC.
If you want to try this indoors or when it's light try a quick align. This needs no stars, just the mount set to the align position.

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