INDI Library v1.8.3 Released (02 Jan 2020)

Minor monthly bugfix release with a new RainbowAstro mount driver and improved pier side simulation.

EQ6R EQMOD sync problem [solved]

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EQ6R EQMOD sync problem [solved] #45151
I just thought I'd drop a quick note on a recent problem I had and just solved.
I'm using indiserver on an rpi3b at the mount(usb connected eq6r), networked to a pc in the house running kstars on ubuntu based linux. Last week I had a great night and left the rig running making darks and bias frames while I slept a the remaining few hours, then wound up leaving it on all day. When I went to restart that evening I figured I better reboot everything, and then I discovered that the mount position was reporting incorrectly and would not sync properly, and even headed the wrong way on screen while guiding. The next day I used the hand controller(not normally installed/used) to reset the mount but this had no effect. I tried various things to narrow down the problem and after much head scratching I tracked the problem to the Kstars version being out of sync with the version with Indilib on the mount rpi. I updated the pi and it works fine now.

Hope that helps anyone else that has this weirdness happen.

Clear skies! :)


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