INDI Library v1.8.3 Released (02 Jan 2020)

Minor monthly bugfix release with a new RainbowAstro mount driver and improved pier side simulation.

Pre-Set terrestrial location

2 months 2 days ago
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Pre-Set terrestrial location #47266
First, thanks again for a great system, the more I use it the more I appreciate it.

Is there a way to pre-set terrestrial locations for use in GOTO. A bit like setting the custom park position?
I have fixed pier and there are a number of points I often GOTO: A distant tree for rough focus when changing gear; a wall point for an LCD panel; a piece of clear sky for some flats.
Navigating there is not a huge deal, but it would be nice if I could set up these a fixed terrestrial points. I have tried searching the documentation and forums and had a good loo round "Site Management" but cannot find anything.

Thanks again

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