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AZGTI with EQMod & Ekos autoguiding failing on DEC calibration.

9 months 2 weeks ago
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AZGTI with EQMod & Ekos autoguiding failing on DEC calibration. #47529
Hi all,

So I had my first guided session with Ekos a couple nights ago, clear skies are far a few between, and well I was not getting very far with DEC guiding.
Sometimes the calibration step would complete, although this was mostly luck probably due to apparent mount movement in the DEC from noise in the guide image.

I found a hint regarding validating that DEC guiding commands from a post that Jashem had in another discussion a few years back in the forum, and decided I would give it a go.

In the Indi Panel I provided 5000ms pulses to N and S alternatively whilst the AZGTI mount was tracking. This resulted in no effect to the N/S travel whatsoever!

Do we know if this mount with EQMod has compatibility issues?

I noticed in the Indi Panel also that the tracking rate for DEC is set at 0, and RA is set at the default sidreal value. I assume this is because the mount is in EQ mode, and hence provided you are polar aligned and after a GOTO/Solve & Slew you don't need any "tracking" in DEC.

Any thoughts or guidance?

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