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Park, sync, align and all that in EQMOD

10 months 5 days ago 10 months 5 days ago by AradoSKYindi.
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Park, sync, align and all that in EQMOD #48721

Ownership is being the sole resource for all things given. When KSTARS is not connected to any device, a user can run it without giving any time, elevation and location. KSTARS default location is Warsaw, Poland. Nothing is wrong with the the default location. Every astronomical software package has to start in a specific spot.

When KSTARS is connected to a mount, the Mount has many resources KSTARS needs to know where it is in the world. The Mount provides time, elevation, and location. Mounts do have internal GPS devices with varying GPS services enabled.

When KSTARS is connected to a mount which doesn’t have GPS, the last option allows KSTARS to seek location, elevation, and time from an external GPS device. My rig requires this selection. If a mount’s internal GPS services are limited, this option allows for alternative GPS options to be used.

KSTARS must be told where it is on the globe to be relevant. To “kick the tires”, Warsaw, Poland is perfect. To use outside, KSTARS must be told by the observer (owner) where it is on the globe.

KSTARS uses INDI to talk with the Mount. The Mount has motors. Motors have position based on revolutions last serviced. INDI logs the last position of the motors. This last position is saved as home.

Motors can revolve clockwise and counter clockwise. Numbers can be positive or negative. The Motor numbers keeper is the Mount or INDI. To get anywhere in KSTARS, motor start positions are important. Motors do not have intelligence. Their owners keep track of how many revolutions does it take to get the scope to travel. The Mount or INDI is the owner. If the Mount provides location, INDI gets a free ride. If not, INDI must work.

Ownership is responsibility. Who or what are the providers of information. Motors are dumb. The PARK data file contains the last count of revolutions the scope was last left, forward or backwards.

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10 months 4 days ago
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Park, sync, align and all that in EQMOD #48737
Thanks for the education, really great :-)

Where does Indi store the last location? I guess this file must be changed it something goes wrong and indi suddenly thinks the mount is pointing near the pole after unpacking?

I have more than once experienced that the mount position on the kstars map suddenly jumps when a slew is over. I guess then the mount (eqmod) and kstars is not properly synced. How can that be if kstars is set to control everything?

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