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Astro-Physics : which driver to use for pre-Legacy 1200 QMD mount ?

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I have managed to get my SBIG ST10 CCD camera going under INDI, and would like to use it for simultaneous autoguiding in INDI, as it is a dual chip camera.
The mount is Astro-Physics 1200 QMD (Pre-GTO version) which guides fine using the old Windows SBIG CCDOPS control program with an ST4 cable.

A few questions:
1) Can you select the same driver (SBIG CCD) also for guiding, or should I use SBIG STI for the guiding chip, is it is part of the same camera.

2) in INDI descriptions I only find a suggestion to use the 'lx200ap' driver for Astro-Physics GTOCP2 and Legacy mounts. 
   The mount as far as I know is using ST4 protocol, not lx200. So would this driver work with an ST4 guiding cable? Do I need another driver for this non-GTO legacy mount?

Happy to hear any suggestions to get it guiding in INDI,

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So it's basically solved. Turns out I was using an old ST4-connection cable from the SBIG ST10 camera to the mount. Apparently over time the pinout of the ST4-cable was modified (reversed). So with a modern ST4-cable from ZWO, and an ASI290MM camera, it tracks fine in INDI with the new ST4-cable.

No mount driver needed for Astro-Physics: a dummy simulator is OK, the actual tracking pulses come through the camera (ASI290MM)

So in the end resolved.

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