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Az-Gti bug on startup?

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I'm using the SW Az-Gti with Stellarmate connected via a USB serial cable. This works great and has solved all my wifi connectivity problems. I can now stick with 5 GHz to get away from interference issues.
However, I have spent a long time trying to find out why I have star trails on 20 second exposures. Ekos didn't show any driver errors at all.
Eventually I went back to the Synscan Pro app and discovered (in the advanced settings), that the mount tracking rate was set to 1/2 Sidereal for some reason. I changed this to full rate sidereal, went back to Stellarmate and now tracking is solid and star trails are gone.
Is it not possible for the Indi-driver to read the status of the mount? It would be nice if the Indi driver could check the tracking rate and set it to full sidereal on startup. (Even better if it could automatically switch between sidereal and lunar when selecting stars/moon).
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