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profile, scheduler and dome issue

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i met an issue with the scheduler
i want to run a scheduler WITHOUT have to open my roof ( no constraints set).
with my current profile (with aldiroof), if i uncheck unmount dome, roof still opens when scheduler starts.

so i created a new profile, without any dome, and started the schedule. but the roof still opens... :/
it's the same with a dome simulator.

i tried with a total profile with simulators , each time I start a schedule, the roof is opened...

Why is that a real problem ? ^^'
because i managed to restart ekos when weater becomes better , i found a way to force flat frames even if the 1ts schedule is stopped by clouds.
not very clean (mqtt , ssh , node red , sh and ekos controller.py) , but i'm not good at programming ^^'

but that the roof opens whatever the current weather is verry annoying (and dangerous) , and I need to start flat schedule even when it's raining

How can i enforce the roof to be close when i start thoses .esq ?

thx :)
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update :

the problem happens with stellarmate (last version , 64bits)

also, i've just met another anoying issue ; if i start a schedule with weather conditons, the scheduler doesn't care about it. it opens the roof, unpark the mount and the cap.
Only after that it checks if weather conditions are ok , then park everything.
i've just tested with stellarmate (pi4 8G) and ekos on ubuntu 20.14 (OK)
so i think i'll have to migrate everything on this PC
the pi could have been a good solution (low consumption) but it's actually unsafe

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