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PlayeOne Saturn-C camera on Stellarmate

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Sorry if i'm double posting, it seems my first attempt did not worked.

I'm looking for help to get my new playerone saturn-c to work with my stellarmate.

What happens:

When I try to configure my camera on the raspberry pi 4 I get an error saying
2022-07-26T10:32:37 Unable to establish:
+ PlayerOne CCD
Please ensure the device is connected and powered on.

The stellarmate os is up to date. I did an apt-get update and ugrade.

In the mean time I contacted playerone support (very responsive) they said the saturn-c is only recognized in the master brach of the github repo and that's prehaps not the last version who ships with stellarmate.

So I tryed to build the indi-third-party project from the guithub sources and a had to rebuild the whole indi project first to be able to complete the task, but even with that, I still get the same error message when I try to start ekos.

Do someone have any idea or hints to investigate further?

Clear sky,
6 months 2 days ago #84690

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