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Where is the Log file?

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I am a Kstars/Ekos newbie, and have spent the last couple of weeks figuring out the system.
Now I am able to schedule several targets including mosaics and run them.

However Ekos sees to be unstable and it typically crashes at some point during the night. At least, the Ekos window is gone.

Is there a log file somewhere I could examine to figure out what the problem is?
Do I have to enable logging for this? If yes, what should I turn on?

Hope someone can help,
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Replied by Hy Murveit on topic Where is the Log file?

On linux the logs are stored in the ~/.local/share/kstars/logs directory
The logs menu has an "Open Logs Directory" button to show you where the logs are in any operating system.

You need to enable logging in the Ekos Logs menu, probably check most things in the Ekos section and in the top section have Verbose and File checked.

Jasem has made an Ekos Debugger tool to package together logs and crash traces, see here: indilib.org/forum/ekos/7245-new-tool-ekos-debugger.html
You can use that to automate collecting the necessary things to report crashes.


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