INDI Library v1.8.5 Released (19 Apr 2020)

April 2020 release of INDI Library v1.8.5 introduces new drivers while providing fixes and improvements to existing devices and core framework.

Manual Alignment instead of Plate Solving

1 year 1 month ago 1 year 1 month ago by Megiddo.
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Manual Alignment instead of Plate Solving #39762
Is there a feature where we can move the mount with the "Mount Control Panel" and say... That's it.

Example I've some fairly cloudy nights (oh man, who hasn't) and I see Arcturus and I'm dead center... Click Done. Maybe move to Spica/Vega/Jupiter and do the same.

Now I know the plate solving is great, it really is... but some days it just doesn't work. I can see the bright stars but not enough to get a great solve.

EDIT: I just noticed we have a "Wish List" section in this forum. Admin's I'm reposting this there (sorry)

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