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RAMDisk with the Pi4 4GB

1 month 3 weeks ago
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RAMDisk with the Pi4 4GB #44084
I utilize less than a quarter of my RAM during imaging with my Rpi4 using SM-OS and was thinking I could use that unused RAM for a RAM Disk to give me more speed for some applications. I know it is a 'temporary drive' but I wanted to brainstorm ways to utilize that extra RAM. A 2GB RAM disk that held all temporary frames would be nice to start, so platesolving, image preview, focusing frames, would happen on the RAM drive and be exponentially faster than using the SD card. I could also use the RAM drive for lucky imaging with smaller sensors, although it would certainly fill up quickly. I suppose I could script the RAM drive to tail and copy to a slower flash drive or external SSD drive. A smart enough script could allow full-frame lucky imaging on a humble Pi4 that would take the exposure, save it to the RAM disk, and then copy the FITS/RAW to an external flash/SSD/NAS in the background.

This is really just a question of tinkering and not a feature request. Ideas?

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1 month 2 weeks ago
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RAMDisk with the Pi4 4GB #44138
Interesting Idea... the first thing to look at is the tempfs

then tweaking Stellarmate to configure it to output the files to the ramdrive - I don't own a Stellarmate but I think it's linux based and wouldn't be too difficult.

However I'd also think the bottleneck would be on the USB transfer speed from the camera to the RPI4.
It depends - I have an USB2 camera so putting things in ramdrive would not make much differences to me

Then look at rsync to copy the files from the ramdrive to permanent storage

Just a feeling that the performance gain will be limited - rsync would also need CPU + mem to operate
Yet writing to ramdrive would cause less writing to the SD card to avoid the SD card wearing..

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