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Powerbank for StellarMate

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Powerbank for StellarMate #44467
I found a really good powerbank that works great to power my StellarMate when I am away from a standard power socket.
I guess all powerbanks with the right specifications will work, but it took me a while to find one that had the right specifications.
So I just want to share here, hoping that someone can use this for inspiration.

After several hours of research I ended up buying this powerbank (Deltaco PB-1069):

The reason I chose that was because it has a USB-A that supports 5V/3A fast charge.
According to the specifications all ports support up to 3A but I wanted to make sure that one port at least would match the precise requirements of StellarMate.

Remember that you also need to get a cable that supports 3A charging.
Apparently this is not easy to find either.

I ended up buying this cable that supports 3A charging. I was not able to find a cable more than 1m long:

The StellarMate boots without any problems and I have used it with both TeamViewer and remotely from my PC via KStars/Ekos without any issues.
I have seen no warnings about voltage or anything else, so it looks like it is a perfect match.

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