INDI Library v1.8.1 Released (09 Sep 2019)

Monthly maintenance release INDI v1.8.1

Stellarmate up and running

2 weeks 5 days ago
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Stellarmate up and running #45148
After my trials with connection issues I finally have seen the power of this amazing piece of software. I can only say how remarkable it is that amateurs can home in on a tiny point in space and photograph the object that is lying there. Watching plate solving work was a eye opener and then to see the object I wanted smack bang in the middle of the FOV was something to behold. I think I am beginning to really like this software. Unfortunately cold autumn nights also bring dew and my time at at the telescope was cut short as I need to fit my dew heaters. I had seen what I wanted though and it was amazing.

So my thanks to the team who have created this software system which combines everything in one package. You have done a great job.

Skywatcher Explorer 200p on HEQ5 pro
Rpi 3B running Stellarmate.
Canon EOS 550D

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