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Dual Camera Operation

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Attached is my version of Capture.cpp that has been operating for many months now with great success running a main camera and a second camera a script to trigger capture at the start of each main cam capture - I found that the pre-capture script code only executes once at that start of a sequence, so I have modified it so it triggers on each capture inside each sequence - all changes can be found by searching "jamie" - 3 of them - Can you take a look and verify if this impact other operations - I have not seen such happen and I would suspect others would love to have this function open to them


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Replied by Gonzothegreat on topic Dual Camera Operation

Are you able to share the capture script and also explain how to use this "capture.cpp" file?

edit: found your other post www.indilib.org/forum/ekos/9609-dual-cam...maging-realized.html
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