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Wish List - in the CCD module, could 'gain' and 'offset' be added to the "Postfix:" checkbox options?

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been experimenting with gain and offset settings.  and filling the files, it would be nice if an option to include 'gain' and 'offset' automatically in the filename of the saved image.

and on those lines, I guess "ISO" would be helpful for folks using non-astro cameras as well (which is me also, at times)
would save a bit of mousework and typing and editing sequence entries over and over.  CCD-Temp setting too, maybe... ?

just an idea to make things easier, IMO.

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Some sort of unique 'session identifier' would be useful as well - at the moment I have to manually rename my captured files to insert a string like "_Session_211007_" so that I can use the batch processing in pixinsight to match flats to multi night sessions.

The using some post-processing to insert current date runs into problems where the imaging session starts pre-midnight and goes on till the early hours of the next day, so you end up with 2 dates for 1 session which makes automation hard.

Using the date of when Ekos/Kstars started would be OK but there might be the case where there is a crash or user restart which might cause a issue.(perhaps use the start date and only change that to date+1 is it is older than 12 hours say?)

I'm sure there is some way of automating it? I almost went down the route of writing a script but my skills for doing that arn't robust enough to trust I wouldn't lose data etc :)
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