INDI Library v1.9.9 Released (30 Nov 2022)

Bi-monthly INDI Library released with new drivers and bug fixes.

Operation to reduce troubles in updates.

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I am always grateful for your help.

I've been using the INDI environment for about 6 years,
I have a request for an update.

1. When updating, please do not overwrite and update the preferences files such as drivers and KStars. (The settings for each device will be redone from the beginning, which may cause a crash depending on the driver.)
At least the files in the above directories should not be overwritten during the update.

2. Please stagger the update timing of drivers, servers, and KStars (including Ekos). (It is difficult to identify the cause when all are updated)

3. Please provide an option to revert to the previous version. (It would be even better if it was packaged like Appimage)

If the update time of the driver, server, and KStars (Ekos) is different, the cause of the trouble will be easier to understand.

If the various settings made by the user (drivers, KStars, Ekos, and parks, etc.) are retained during the update, the part of the driver update that caused the problem will become clear. (Returning to the default value may cause trouble.)

Before 1.9.3, I expected that tapirus etc. would be heading in the right direction, but in my environment, after 1.9.4, there are lots of troubles. (I am using it by reverting to the old version.)

I hope to return to a stable environment as before.
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Can't you just use git to version the directories?
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