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Analyze Tab

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Analyze Tab was created by adrien

would like to know if there's any way to add weater datas on Analyze Tab ?
this could be a good option to see quickly if bad guide is due to some clouds or wind.
unfortunaly, there is no option in indi panels to add those.

the only way i've found actually is hard and not fun.... : export weather datas (with mqtt) and check guidelog. mix that in influxdb and could have datas..... but maybe (i wish) we can do this easylier ?
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Replied by Hy Murveit on topic Analyze Tab

My feeling is not to put external (non-Indi/Ekos) data in Analyze. I did, though make a small attempt to roughly include sky quality in Analyze. There are a few plots that relate to sky quality. For example, "guider SNR" and "guider number of stars detected" probably correlate pretty strongly with cloudy skies.

I'm not familiar with weather, mqtt, influxdb. If this is something you're excited about, though, you're welcome to make a proposal and potentially develop this as a new Ekos/Analyze/Indi feature.

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