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Partitioning of the windows in 3.6.1

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Hi all,
I just have my first session with the new 3.6.1. The thing with the optical trains I have understood, no problem, just different.

But I stumbled over the "partitioning" of the windows. e.g. the Guiding window:

smaller window:

bigger window:

I think, for the smaller window the dividing of the window into graphs on the right and "text" on the left side is ok. But if I draw a bigger window, the "text" was way too big. This is also for the align-window, were barely can see the results of the platesolving in the list on the right side.
Would it be possible that one can drag/change this prtitioning? or at least could there be better default values?

Best regards


P.S.: here is the example for align-window. Left side is in my opinion far to big... Perhaps it makes clear what the "problem" is ;-)


Kstars 3.6.5/INDI 2.0.2 (Stellarmate X OS 1.7.7 on Mele 3Q)
QHY268C (main cam) / ASI290MM mini (guiding cam)
several Newtonians
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