INDI Library v1.8.5 Released (19 Apr 2020)

April 2020 release of INDI Library v1.8.5 introduces new drivers while providing fixes and improvements to existing devices and core framework.

SharpSky PRO Focuser

2 years 4 months ago
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Fresh Boarder
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SharpSky PRO Focuser #23741

lazjen wrote: RoboFocus driver doesn't even connect or recognize it

The Moonlite driver did recognize it and connected, but nothing worked. Couldn't change focus, it couldn't read the temperature, etc.

I tried to contact the maker again, but with no luck.

Assuming nothing changes, I strongly suggest NOT buying this focuser - which is a shame, because it is a neat unit, bundled with the dew heater controller as well.

Thanks for giving it a try. At least it connected to the Moonlite driver, thats a start.
Did you actually manage to contact the supplier or was there no reply.
I did contact him about a year or so ago and he did not think it was worth the amount of time involved in developing a driver for the amount of sales he would receive in return.

Knro mentioned if the supplier will release documented protocol then developing a driver wouldn't be too difficult.
I will try to contact him again and ask if he is willing to release the information on the protocol.

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