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Feature Request: Support for non-Temma Takahashi mounts

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INDI currently includes a driver for some Takahashi mounts called 'Temma Takahashi'.

The Temma mounts have position encoders fitted to them.

Takahashi also uses the same control board design for its non-encoder mounts (e.g. USD mounts), just without the encoder sockets.

This means with a standard Takahashi control cable (or DIY USB-serial converter) these non-encoder (non Temma) mounts are fully controllable with INDI which is great.

The feature request is for a cut-down verson of the current Temma Takahashi driver whcih has the i) encoder position information, ii) Synch feature, iii) Park/Unpark feature disabled, so it can be used with non Temma mounts.

This could either be a separate INDI driver (perhaps called USD Takahashi) or alternatively convert your existing Temma Takahashi driver to become a universal Takahashi driver. The only changes would be the option to disable encoder feedback, sync, and park/unpark fetures. If possible ideally the option for a snoop device to INDI's auxiliary position feedback devices to allow those who have fitted third-party encoders/digital setting circles instead of the Temma encoders to get position feedback (e.g. Argo Navis, Astrometry, Digital Setting Circle, Mel Bartels).

Note also that the older Temma mounts do not have a Park/Unpark and Sync anyway so an Enable/Disable option for these would help these users anyway.

Your question might be why not just use the current Temma Takahashi driver. The reason is some plate-solving astronomy software looks for a position encoder, if it finds an encoder, it automatically takes the value in the Temma driver (which is a false value because there is no encoder) to narrow down the search area as part of the plate-solve and causes it to fail. The same also apples with software which looks for the sync feature and/or park feature.

Many Thanks :)
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