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INDI for OPTEC FocusLock Focusing Software (with ONAG)

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I guys :)
I have an ONAG SC from Innovations Foresight and I will be using the Optec FocusLock Focusing Software (near real-time focus). Is anyone working on an INDI driver and/or integration to support this software within Ekos/Kstars? That would be great!

FocusLock is the first method of focus that uses real-time feedback continuously by sampling the optical quality of the guide image.

Thank you in advance for your help & support.

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Actually, I would love to see this capability in Ekos directly. FocusLock is Windows only as I recall.

For those that are new to this, the idea is with ONAG setups (and probably OAG as well), the guide camera is using the same optical path as the imaging camera. Variations in focus of the guide star are equivalent to variations of focus for the main camera. If you track and adjust focus of the guide star constantly you are in effect continuously focusing the main camera.

More info here: www.innovationsforesight.com/education/real-time-autofocus/
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Mmmh right now you can use the guide scope to focus, so that part is in Ekos.

What misses for a very rough on-the-fly auto-focus similar to what you are referring to is to add the same in-sequence feature as what the capture module has. That is still the easy part, probably.

But what is indeed much more complex is how to avoid the full focus procedure and only do the minimal focus shift. Specifically choosing the right direction. For sure a full focus procedure as Ekos is doing currently would be killing the running capture.

This also requires very precise positioning for the OAG plane compared to the main sensor. There should probably be a helper implemented in Ekos if we choose to go this way.

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