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INDI Driver for SVBONY cameras

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Off topic a bit... But I saw this in the guide scope (60 mm Svbony 106) PHD2 loop and grabbed the image. Not crispy, but not terrible for a guide scope image taken with a SV305 (indi_sv305_ccd driver) using PHD2 as an imaging platform.

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Hi Folks,

Sorry, I can't help you on the RPi4, I don't have one.
I also use an industrial powered USB HUB, and no trouble with my amd64 laptop so far.
I made longer than 2h guiding sessions without issues.
12 bits + 2x binning + equalize works great at 1.5s (Ekos native multiSEP guiding). Less than 1" RMS with a tiny 30mm/120mm guide scope.

For those who installed former versions of the driver manually, most of the driver crashes at start, come from
old driver "residues". Try to find those old files and clean it.

SVBony just sent me the last SDK. It's not very clear, but it seems to fix some exposure time changes issues.
I will try to work on it this week-end.


Nice Moon. This camera is pretty capable.

A bit ugly, not enough subs, star blooming, reflections, etc. Just a test for my setup.
GSO 200/800 reflector + GSO Coma Corrector + CLS Filter
10x 180s subs, unfiltered EOS 1000D, 800 iso
Guided with an SV305 and the SVBony 30mm/120mm guide scope on an IEQ30 Pro
software : Ekos + AIJ + Siril + Gimp

Best regards,

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my experience with the SV305 has been poor as of late. it kept crashing whenever phd2 lost the star.

turns out it has some issue somewhere in the software and subframe. i am not entirely sure which software. but phd2 crashes whenever the guide star is lost. phd2 does not have subframe active. but according to gdb, whenever a star is lost, the frame received by phd2 is that of a smaller size equivalent to a subframe which makes it crash.

I think it is ekos trying to interfere somewhow. so i don't connect to phd2 from ekos anymore and all seems good.

if anyone has any idea why i am having this issue, please do let me know.
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Replied by Pep on topic INDI Driver for SVBONY cameras

Hello everyone
Soon, I hope and cross my fingers, I will receive a sv305-pro. To use it as a tracking camera using ekos, but not the direct st4 tracking port it incorporates. What should I keep in mind in:
· Start-up? (how to check that the camera works .... what do you suggest?)
· Configuration in INDI and Ekos?
· Driver to use? (do I need to update / install the new driver version for svbony sv305? how do I do it without not having to update the rest all libraries)
I use a raspi4 but as a server, I connect to it via kstars / ekos from the PC in my home office.

The USB3, now, I have the OnStep only and the USB2 I have the Pentax and a webcam that I will remove. So I have a free USB3 and a USB2, where I connect the sv305-pro (to the remaining usb3, right?)?

Thanks for the recommendations?

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Update: My SV305pro stopped working. I installed ubuntu 20.04 32 bit (armhf) on the rpi4, installed kstars 3.5 then the indi driver for the camera, for some reason it wasn't included in 3.5 bleeding. I could not get it to connect to the camera. After changing cables several times, usb hub/ no usb hub, and trying to get it to connect with AstroDMx, I tested it on my desktop with ascom and it would not find the camera. Unable to detect. So I have another one coming from Amazon as a replacement. Hope this one doesn't give up the ghost.
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Okay there is some success to report. New camera showed up and works with ascom on windows. It also works on the rpi4 with ubuntu 20.04. No issues connection with AstroDMx or ekos. I do not have the issue with looping not working. Now I wonder if the camera was the issue in the first place. I'm going to get astroberry installed on another sd card and try that again. Also as a side note when I plug the camera into the pi, I get some serious input lag with my mouse and keyboard. The mouse and keyboard are direct connected to the pi. I have tried it with and without the powered usb hub, it doesn't matter how I connect things. Once the camera is plugged in the input lag shows up. Now to test with a fresh astroberry install and if that doesn't work I'll continue to slog through the realvnc setup, unless someone knows of an easier option that allows vnc connections over a browser.
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Newb to all this telescope biz, ran Linux Mint for a bunch of years, just got a new RPi4 and Astroberry- so far not a big fan. Or of the INDI system.
There. I've vented. It's Christmas eve and been trying to get 1st light since the 19th,
Before I updated the Astroberry system the INDI web panel showed SVBONY as a selectable CCD, but I still couldn't get either cam working. After the update SVBONY is not listed as a selection at all, but selecting V4L2 CCD lets EKOS-KStars identify the sv205, and although SV305 is listed in EKOS-KStars when I attempt to run the config it says it can't find the driver for 'indi_sv305_ccd'. I've also tried updating the INDI driver package but it reports that it is current.

It really shouldn't be this hard, considering I can get my system to work with a Win10 based laptop, but I'm looking for the Pi to be a small form factor remote to attach to the scope.
Where do I find these unicorn SvBony INDI drivers? Do they exist, or is it like the hard to spot unicorns?

.. and telescope controls that don't work without stopping gpsd drivers .. don't get me started!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Maybe Santa will drop me off some Pi filling tonight for when I wake up tomorrow.

attached is some linux dmesg and lsusb gibberish that perhaps a kind elf can translate. [attachment=9727]second config info.txt
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To get the SV305 drivers you have to run this command:

sudo apt-get -y install indi-sv305

The SV105 and SV205 are like web cams so the V4L2 driver should work fine for them. I understand your frustration as Indi has a steep learning curve and you couple that with linux, well it gets messy trying to get it sorted out. What works for one distro doesn't quite work for yours and so on. As far as the GPSD issue. My mount is set up with onstep for control. I was using onstep bluepill first and had the same issues trying to use port usbtty0, I would have to stop gps, then disable it and do some other steps to get the mount to work. I switched to a minipcb onstep and it uses acmtty0 port so the gps is no longer and issue with mine. I know this doesn't help but I do think it's a common issue so you may want to do a search on the forums for it.
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Thank you for that @jaytay. I'm installing the driver as I type. So it looks like SvBONY is an INDI step-child because I would have thought that using the latest INDI Library would have covered that!
Somewhere in this multiple setup process I noticed that the sv205 (driver?, in Ekos?) defaults to an image size that's way smaller than the device is capable of and with sensor sizes way bigger than spec. - where can I go to edit these so they are correct? As you can see I need to better understand the astroberry pi architecture so forgive me.
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Replied by Tom on topic INDI Driver for SVBONY cameras

Just received my new cam today. Sadly, SV305 Pro still very buggy and unstable in INDI. :( Can't even connect in PHD2 as well. Only successfully connect in AstroDMx.

Skywatcher AZEQ5GT using EQMod
Pentax 100 SDUFII for the light
QHY168C mains with ASI120MC on guidescope
SX filter wheel
Robofocus focusers with DIY Moonlite compatible controller
RPI 4B, Stellarmate & Astroberry
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Hi folks,

I hope every body is healthy.

I just received the SV305Pro sample today.

Sorry Tom, but as far as I can tell, it works like my SV305 on my linux laptop (Thinkpad X280, Ubuntu 18.04 amd64) with Ekos/INDI.
No issues yet. I will look forward this week-end.

I can reach 55fps fullframe in 12 bits and 112fps in 8 bits with Ekos.

Could you please give me some more details on your computer setup ?

SVBony also sent me a Mac OS firmware.
I will work on it. I don't have a Mac, any body volunteer for testing ?

Best regards, stay healthy and happy new year.

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Replied by Pep on topic INDI Driver for SVBONY cameras


Great news from your hand.
Have you tried it with a raspberry pi (astroberry)? Does the SV-305Pro work well on it?

I'm sorry but I can't help you with the apple ... I only have linux.

Have a nice New Year to everybody,
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