INDI Library v2.0.7 is Released (01 Apr 2024)

Bi-monthly release with minor bug fixes and improvements

INDI Driver for SVBONY cameras

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Okay, good to hear that things seem to be moving along in a positive direction.
I am a total Linux-noob so will have to look into "killing processes" and such. Rebooting the Pi when I can't connect to the camera takes too danged long.

My experience has been such that because my newly acquired EQ6-R mounts seems to perform badly I am therefore watching over the guiding like a hawk. And I then have noticed that, sporadically, the images will look like that, with all of the dynamic range gone. I have no idea if it has any effect on the guiding, mostly because the guding is bad ALL of the time, and the images only look bad SOME of the time. But I need to try and rule everything out until I can find the cause of my mounts poor guding performance.

Perhaps I should get a guide camera from one of the big brands, such as ZWO, and see if they too show this behaviour. Or, as I am already in the process of getting started, trying out a PC running Windows, and try the svbony camera there..
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40 pages and counting! Ok will close this now. Please open a new topic for any specific issues with the driver.
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