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INDI monthly update. In addition to driver improvements, major code refactoring is in progress by @pawel-soja to modernize and improve INDI aging code.

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Save Job Profiles

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Save Job Profiles was created by Deesk06


Simple idea/request here that I do not think is implemented. I understand this may be easier said than done.

As I start to use the scheduler more I find myself having to type in the coordinates every time I use it. I understand I can save the scheduler, however, I would want it to just save the target name and coordinates by itself. This way I can easily choose which target I want and then load my specific sequence as well. Just a small change but something to help speed up the process. I am usually out imaging the same target/coordinates multiple times per month and I keep having to save the coordinates elsewhere. Maybe this is already implemented. If so then I am sorry!

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