INDI Library v2.0.1 Released (06 Apr 2023)

Bi-monthly release with major changes to INDI properties and client API in addition to new drivers and improvements. An important feature for this release is the full support for XISF file format which is used by PixInsight. INDI cameras can now natively capture in XISF format.

Hope to improve the driver startup method in Ekos

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 As I have requested in the forum before, there is a contradiction in how to start the Ekos driver.

With this update, if the remote server has a custom driver, it can no longer be started. (This is because Ekos owns and displays the XML file that should be received from the server.)

It may also crash when launching the driver in INDI Web Manager.
(My blog has a current solution.)


How to boot the driver in Ekos has long been the cause of the problem.

How to always start the server and send all the xml files of the drivers owned by the server to the client (previous suggestion).
Alternatively, I hope to change to a method that sets driver startup and driver connection separately.
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By the way, CCD Ciel is the following procedure.

1. Enter the IP address of the remote server to connect to → Connect
2. Display the list of drivers running on the remote server → select

The correct rule.
With this style, you can connect with a custom driver on the remote server without any problems.
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