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Great integration - a few little niggles with the shutter
The Nexdome integration is amazing, really works well. Nothing like being able to sit warmly inside your house while not worrying that a rainstorm is coming when you have full automation.

Jassem and the contributors have put a lot of work into making sure the driver works perfectly, but you should note that all is not perfect in the land of Nexdome, this has more to do with the firmware and hardware than teh driver itself. In particular the shutter opening requires the sensor to be detected for the driver to consider the shutter fully open - however sometimes this doesn't always happen (depending on exactly where you place your magnet - and so the dome driver sometimes thinks the shutter is neither open or closed and this can impact slewing the dome (if set to "open on unpark" for example.

Otherwise a great little driver+product combo, especially with a rain sensor!

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