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Arduino boards are supported now, too
In the meantime the driver has been adapted to work with the ScopeDome Arduino board as well. The connection can be made using USB or LAN. So far no bugs have been detected. In rare cases the firs try to connect fails and has to be repeated. Besides that, everything works very well.

Need Help: ScopeDome / Astropberry
Thank you very much for installation of INDI onto an Ubuntu system.

I am using an Astroberry on RPi4/4GB with preinstalled INDI.
* Camera is working well
* same for EQ8
* and some switches and guiding camera


there is no way to connect to scopdome arduino

If I am entering the default URL into the browser then I can see the web page of the scopedome driver. I can rotate, open/close and do some other get-commands via the HTML-GUI.
But I haven't had any luck in connection via INDI (EKOS). It's independent whether I am using Ethernet with the above URL and Port 80 or serial over USB.

Help me please !

Best regards

Owner's reply

Unfortunately the ScopeDome driver currently only supports the older ScopeDome USB Card 2.1 which I have myself. The newer Arduino card uses totally different protocol so supporting it would require some work and especially testing as I don't have access to one.

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