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Losmandy Gemini

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Question about your code
Hi, I'm planning to track with a G-11 Losmandy mount a light source on a radiosonde balloon. It moves with an angular speed of a few thousands arcsec/sec near the ground to few hundreds arcsec/sec at higher altitudes. The radiosonde gives GPS lat-long coordinates that can be converted in real-time into RA/DEC coordinates. In order to keep it in my field of view the light has to be kept within 30 arcsec. I need therefore the mount to update the pointing every 0.1 sec. If there is a pointing bias near the zenith, I can take that bias into account to keep the light centered near that particular pointing direction. My question please, is this software able to do 0.1 sec pointing update, while disengaging the sidereal tracking? Do you have a manual for this software, please? Thanks!

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